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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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This is starting to look like, to me at least, that 947' is too small for the ship as portrayed on screen.

I was getting the opposite impression. Just covering the basic elements seen (or implied) in TOS would seem to leave quite a lot of volume wide open.

Personally, I find cross sections to be quite deceiving. Most people assume when looking at this type of view that all of the key elements should be visible along the center line. Deck 8 has a large amount of volume unaccounted for beyond two relatively small rooms... and that is one of the smaller decks in the primary hull.

If this vessel were run by the US Navy, they would most likely double the number of people on board given the relative volume compared to ships or subs used today. Of course one would assume that with advances in technology that a crew that large wouldn't be needed in a couple hundred years.

But most of what we saw in TOS was in the primary hull... aside from the engineering decks and hanger deck, I haven't even started to consider what would fill a majority of the secondary hull.

It is most likely a lot easier for me to visualize this than explain it... compared to the type of stuff I was doing research on in school (immersions and embeddings of n-dimensional manifolds into R^m), this is quite tame. I was originally hoping that visualizing this type of stuff would replace some of my other visualization exercises (immersions of non-orientable 2-manifolds in R^3), but it hasn't worked out as I had hoped (though this is still more fun!).

As for the placement and utility of the engineering equipment seen on screen, I'm incline to completely dismiss all of the warp core type of stuff that popped up later on. What I see that equipment behind engineering being is a energy conversion system which supplies energy to the warp engines (which are totally within the nacelles), the deflector and phaser banks.

The fact that in The Paradise Syndrome Spock burned out that equipment using the deflector and phasers... which in turn took out the warp drive, would seem to support this. Direct "tubes" weren't needed for the phasers to burn out that equipment, so I can't see why direct "tubes" would be needed for the warp engines.

Additionally, when considering the history of high energy physics, the 1960s was a major time for particle accelerators (the Stanford Linear Accelerator was brought online at the same time that TOS was in development)... and I would guess that the equipment behind that screen in the engine room was meant to convey that type of high energy equipment (the type being used back then to create anti-matter).

But yeah, stuff that we see in later Treks... interesting, but not relevant. And as stated before, TOS technology is treated as black boxes. I have no intention of attempting to figure out why or how it worked as we live in the 21st century and not the 23rd, so we really don't know. Stuff people were putting forward 30 years ago is looking rather dated today, and I don't care to handicap my work on this by restricting it to guesses based on our understanding of technology today.
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