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Re: Carolyn Porco To Keep 'Star Trek XI' Real

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"I doubt there will be very much shooting down inane things like phasers.
What does this mean? It resembles English.
Reads pretty clear: She won't be coming up with reasons why phasers and or transporters, warp drive, aliens, time travel ect aren't necessarily the most realistic aspects of Trek and she doesn't see it as her job to criticize those things.

I'm very interested to see the look of the planets and environments, and even how the Enterprise and other spaceships move in space...

It's unfortunate that she chose the phrase "shooting down" instead of, say, "debunking" or "showing the non-scientific aspects of". But because phasers "shoot down" things, she talked about "shooting down" phasers. Perhaps it was a lame attempt at humor. She should stick to science. So I understand perfectly well Basil's confusion.
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