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I kinda liked this episode

*quietly sneaks out of thread
Me too. I hate clips shows normally, but this one somehow I liked.

I thought the "triggering of certain types of memories" was quite cool, and I think because I was an avid fan and before I had it on video, I felt it was cool to see loads of good bits from the first scenes thematically linked.

But what I also really liked it for was that it gave the doctor a good chance to be a real doctor. It's a problem that afflicts Star Trek quite a lot, that the doctors don't do doctoring. But this was a good swan song for the great Pulaski, showing her ingenuity and passion.

P.S. I can't believe Michelle is at the end of season two already!
Agreed about Pulaski. I thought this was her finest hour (In a god way) because it let her be the doctor figuring out how to cure Riker. Riker was great in this one too with his humor (Especially at the end) but this was a pulaski show in a clip show. I thought it really worked well.
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