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Was disappointed by this review (though it makes a few good points, mainly about the choice of clips, which is probably down to the editor more than the director - it's not a film, so the director doesn't have final cut).
For what it's worth, mine would be something like this...
"Nobody would ever claim Shades of Gray is a great, good, or even average episode. Actually a lot of fans would probably have to be reminded of its existence once they were one title short of listing the entire run of TNG. It's a clip show, and as forgettable as any clip show.
"But even when it went out, half the fan audience knew it was a clip show, and that it was only made because it was either that or a 21 episode season (this is episode 22). Plus, all the other first-run syndication series of the time - Friday the 13th, War of the Worlds - had a clip show each season, so you just groaned and lived with it.
"What struck me at the time was how hard the director had tried to make it interesting in spite of that. Like the opening - no captain's log, just Riker sitting creepily on a log waiting for the doctor to get to him.
"There's not much more interest, but it's a harmless episode (Shades of Gray or Voyager's Threshold? I know which one wasted more of my life) - either accept it as a bonus from a time when any Trek was rare, so a half-arsed episdode was welcome if the alternative was the season ending a week early, or forget it existed.
"And at least the next time they were supposed to make a clip show to balance the budget, they came up with The Drumhead instead."
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