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[COLOR=#0000ff]Variety[/COLOR] reports that Star Trek XI faces competition in its new May time slot with the announcement of the release of the fourth Terminator movie. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins will open on May 22nd. Star Trek XI will release on May 8th.
Hmmmm. A once popular sci-fi franchise with it's own (not overly popular) TV series making a return to the big screen with new actors... no big stars... and a summer release.

What a tremendous show of faith. They must be expecting a hit.
It is still a popular Sci-Fi franchise, sir. And it's comprised of no less than 5 TV series and 10 feature films spanning over 40 years. And I'm sorry if Leonard Nimoy isn't a big enough star for you. So, yes, they evidently have a lot of faith in the new picture and are, in fact, expecting a hit.
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