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News Bullets

  • Speaking on ShatnervisionWilliam Shatner jokes around about not being in Star Trek XI. He wished the movie the best, and hoped that Star Trek will continue.

  • Variety reports that Star Trek XI faces competition in its new May time slot with the announcement of the release of the fourth Terminator movie. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins will open on May 22nd. Star Trek XI will release on May 8th.

  • SFist reports that John Cho (Sulu) was present at WonderCon, but in spite of questioning, did not divulge any of his Star Trek secrets to the audience.

  • Speaking of WonderCon, a new Star Trek XI poster was unveiled, as reported by The new poster is black, with the USS Enterprise insignia in silver-blue. The words "Under Construction" and "Summer 2009" are on the bottom of the poster.

  • Trekmovie reports that Eric Bana had his head shaved for his Nero part, and Simon Pegg's hair has been darkened and he is clean-shaven for his part of Scotty in Star Trek XI.
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