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Re: Fan Production Submissions

K´riq Sa said:
Why did you unpin the other thread when this one is doing so lousy? All that info is just sinking to the bottom. Other than your name on the thread Mr Mod, you haven't even made an attempt to harvest the information into the new thread, just let the sheep do the work huh?
I don't think we need two pinned threads addressing the same subject, especially in light of the upcoming move to vBulletin.

I thought I made it pretty clear at the time that I wasn't going to wade through all those posts, validate every link and then repost the information. Evidently I wasn't as clear as I thought. If people want their production listed, there is a mechanism in place to do that, but I'm not going presume that they do. That's not "letting the sheep do all the work", that's letting the people responsible decide whether or not to list it and to provide a description that they feel is best for it.
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