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Re: The official welcome thread

I joined this forum a few weeks back, mainly due to an interview I did with Trek authors Mangels & Martin. I produce a "Star Trek" and general SF podcast each weekend called "TREKS in SCI-FI." Been doing it for about 2.5 years now and just recorded podcast # 161. I've been a fan of Trek basically all my life. I grew up on TOS reruns and followed all the series over the years. I really enjoy the positive outlook Trek puts forth and the fun in the episodes as well. I mainly started the podcast after "Enterprise" ended in order to both share my love for "Trek" but also to keep the dream alive. I also cover other SF on TV and in movies on the podcast too. Hope you drop by my web site or check out the podcast (can be found on iTunes). I think you will enjoy what you hear. Looking forward to the Abrams take on Trek too. Come on, May 2009!
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