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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

RJDiogenes said:
Well, I guess I won't bother recommending Don Glut's movies.
Well, the problem for me wasn't the nudity, it's the fact that the story would just stop for five minutes while the girls stripped. Heck, they even used the "strip for a photoshoot on the beach" device twice.

I like that election gimmick. I wish I got Cinema Insomnia around here. You'd think the Boston area would get everything, but we don't....
They put a lot of their shows up for downloading, since most of them are public domain movies, anyway. I doubt they've put that particular episode up, though, since Winckler owns the copyright, and pretty much allowed the movie to play so he could get free advertising.

But yeah, the attack ads were great. You know the outtake on the DVD that shows the monster getting a lapdance? They inserted a bit of it into one of the ads, with the voice-over saying "Do you really want to elect someone who patronizes such establishments?" Funny stuff.

Ah, Pandora's Bride then. After a few mood swings, I came to like it; it's like I crossed some threshold of ridiculousness and said what the hell. How'd you like the "Special Guest Star?" And the ending?
Which of the many guest stars do you mean? I guess that was kind of a problem for me, the way it crossed over with so many films. It gave it a bit of a fanfic feel.

And as I mentioned in the PM, I just don't understand how (or why) she transformed Dr. Pretorius from the most evil character in the Universal Horrors to a kindly old man. I kept waiting for a twist at the end. I kind of get that she was trying to make the point that everyone's a good guy to someone, but it kind of seemed like a waste.

But now that you mention it, it did kind of read like a so-bad-it's-good movie. (Yeah, the ending was totally off-the-wall. Next time I watch Bride, I'm going to have to try to imagine that ending again.) I'll have to think on that. Most of the prose was still pretty annoying, though. Like I said in that PM, I don't expect Shakespeare but, "[He] looked at myself and the monster." Come on. How do you have a twenty-year writing career and then type that out?

Anyway, have you read the Mummy one yet? I only have the Mummy and Creature ones to go, and I'm kind of worried about the latter after reading some things about it.

Right now I'm reading World War Z, by Max Brooks. It's pretty entertaining, not to mention awfully thought-provoking for a zombie story.
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