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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Arlo said:
Slightly off topic, after staring at a number of cutaways...has anyone come up with a logical reason for the primary hull "undercut"? I Find it to be one of the stranger aspects of the design, from a "real world" perspective.

I see how externally it makes for an attractive "lip" to the saucer, but internally, it's a complete waste of space and seems to pinch the thickness of the saucer to the point of structural weakness.
Well, my favorite version was the one that has the primary hull two decks thick all the way around out there... and the "undercut" isn't really an "undercut at all... but instead there's a RING of hardware around the outermost underside, containing the main "gravity ring" structure (key to generating artificial gravity and also to providing antigravity "lift" during planetfall).
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