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Re: Star Trek: Gatekeeper

Star Trek: Gatekeeper

A stationary Nexus appears just above the Mars Colony, and billions of different species from the entire Galaxy, are swarming the Alpha Quadrant in hope of eternal life inside the Nexus.

The Federation is asked to build a space station to keep people away from the Nexus. The biggest structure in Starfleet history. Running the Station is Elisabeth Janeway, descendent of Kathryn Janeway, and a team of genetically engineered species. Little do they know of the war ahead and the toughest fight of their lives. A powerful warlord with an arsenal of warriors and ships of which the Galaxy has never seen an equal.

A small arm from the Nexus reaches out and embraces the top half of the station, depositing several historical figures from the Federation past on the station. All the old captains are back and are joining forces with the Gatekeeper crew.

Let the battle begin!

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