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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Well, there has to be a lengthwise tube to reach the dorsal, so I'm not sure that rotating would change the layout in any way other than esthetically.

The other thing to keep in mind is that this layout is very dependent on the Hull Pressure Compartments. At no point do I have a turbolift tube bisecting a compartment. Most of the plans I've seen have never taken the compartment structure into account when determining the layout of everything. I sort of feel that these compartments would define the internal spaces and that all other factors have to work with this primary foundation in the same way that they would have to deal with the ship's exterior hull.

I could throw out the Hull Pressure Compartments and come up with something on my own... but that would defeat the whole reason for doing this (to see what comes from the information found within the design of the show itself). So yeah, I consider the Hull Pressure Compartments to be as important as the shape of the ship itself when figuring out how things would be laid out.

Of course this is just a sketch of what might work... I haven't invested any real time in this as yet. For example, there are two compartments that are rather large, but I have them laid out similar to the rest of the deck right now (which is designed for back to back rooms that are 15 feet deep). But those areas are perfect for a totally different arrangement for rooms that are significantly different than the standard cabin.

But for what I'm doing, the only major constraint is that everything should fit within the individual compartments, and that no compartment be bisected in such a way as to cut one half off from another when the emergency bulkhead doors are in place.

Of course if I ever decide to do a TMP Enterprise, the X layout would match perfectly with the diagram in the turbolift in TMP.
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