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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Shaw said:
Arlo said:
I was thinking the same thing..all those lift openings would make it a looong walk to get around! It make the deck practically a labyrinth.
I'd like to think that my layout isn't that bad. It should actually be easier than navigating your way through, say, an aircraft carrier of today.

On the Constellation you'd often have to go up or down one or two decks to get to another room that was on the same deck level but on the other side of the ship. I don't believe that is any different with the active carriers of today (and internally both the Kitty Hawk and Enterprise are laid out similarly to the Constellation).
Interesting point, I didn't realize that.
One thing I would do is actually rotate the turbolift tubes 45, so they are actually forming an "x" relative to the centerline. I think this would maximize access while keeping critical areas, which tend to be closer to the center, a bit clearer of the tubes.
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