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aridas sofia
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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

ST-One said:
aridas sofia said:
Damn... that looks familiar.

I pursued a similar course to that you have set for yourself, and believe it did -- and will again --bear out the contention that the Jefferies design was anything but poorly or haphazardly planned or quickly conceived. Rather, it exhibits an extraordinary amount of foresight and the keen planning of a man truly steeped in the engineering arts.

I look forward to seeing your ongoing efforts.
That is beautiful. :thumbsup:
Do you have a higher res version of it?
Yes, I do. And thank you.

I haven't shared anything at a higher resolution because this, believe it or not, is a rough draft. I am involved in an on-again, off-again project with two other people, trying to take the sketches and calculations that led to this cross section and revise them, flesh them out, and develop them into a 3D walkaround. We got down to deck 4 and the project hit a snag because of the inevitable travails of real life. But it isn't dead, and we hope to get back to it at some point.
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