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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Shaw said:
When considering the use of space, specially when it comes down to quarters, I see the standard layout seen in the series to be very versatile.

The office half of the space seems to be the primary office/work space for most of the officers (though Scotty may have an additional office in the engineering section). People like McGivers wouldn't necessarily have any place else on the ship to do their work, so it is understandable that she might work primarily out of her quarters.
In terms of space allocation, it probably makes little difference whether you double up and hot bunk when allocating sleep space, and have dedicated workspace for each crewman away from that sleep space, or have dedicated workspace within each (single/double, non-hot bunked) cabin. The functional difference would be face to face contact between coworkers, but we can already see that the need for such contact will long since be a thing of the past by the 23rd century.

However, I believe there would be a lot going on in that saucer that isn't covered by the term "office space". The kind of things I mentioned above would require a great deal of square footage, and at least in my calculations, impacted the ability to allocate single accommodations for everyone, or even avoid non-hot bunked double accommodations for some.
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