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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

The preliminary sketch was to illustrate getting the rooms sized correctly for each of the concentric rings of cabins... their placement on the diagram itself is totally random and not intended to represent their actual placement within the ship.

My suggestion for anyone playing with this stuff on their own is to grab one cabin from each ring, and copy paste as many (or as little) as you think you need. I would guess that you could include a space between every other cabin for a bathroom... with two cabins sharing one.

But yeah, this thread and the images within it are in no way intended to represent a final product... this is all just brainstorming and data collection (not all that different from what I did in the three-footer thread).

Besides, I'm not planning on filling in stuff that we didn't see in the show. What could have been behind that door in the cabin was never stated, and I'm not even planning on finishing two or three wall sets for this. It is just to see how this stuff might have fit using strictly what we could get from the show.
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