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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

When considering the use of space, specially when it comes down to quarters, I see the standard layout seen in the series to be very versatile.

The office half of the space seems to be the primary office/work space for most of the officers (though Scotty may have an additional office in the engineering section). People like McGivers wouldn't necessarily have any place else on the ship to do their work, so it is understandable that she might work primarily out of her quarters. So the use of all that space for a single person would seem to be set aside for senior officers and specialist.

I would assume that everyone else would at least double up. And from what we saw of Garrovick's space, I would think that he shares with someone else. The way that the room was filmed seemed to isolate the one half that was occupied by Garrovick.

As for attempting to figure out where to place things within the deck, I was considering using the Hull Pressure Compartments diagram as a general guide.

Basically, you would move the rooms around to fit within the compartments, and attempt to have at least one pressure door and one turbo lift access to each. I am assuming that when open a pressure compartment emergency bulkhead looks like the semi-triangular opening we see at the end of some corridors.
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