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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

I should point out that my contention regarding needing to double up was based on a layout that has a large number of lab facilities (particularly on decks six and seven, associated with space medicine), "farms" for the natural scrubbing of air and production of non-processed foodstuff, extensive engineering facilities in the saucer, cargo storage in the lower saucer, as well as extensive recreation facilities and more. It is based on my belief that the saucer defines the ship as a starship and not a warship, i.e. that a warship could get by with most space devoted to weaponry, propulsion and shielding, with few crew, while a starship would need many, many people to collect and most of all, interpret data, and that a lot of room -- reflected in the ship's design -- would be needed to support that large mission crew.
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