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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Shaw said:
This is just me doing some very fast figures, so please bare with me.

I calculated the square footage of the officer's quarters at about 315 sqft. The largest circular deck has a square footage of about 136,572 sqft. If 80% of that deck was used for living space, that would be about 109,258 sqft.

How many of these single person quarters should fit in that area?

About 346... on just that one deck. But we know that there are living areas on multiple decks, that should be more than enough to handle 430 crew.

That is just me looking at the numbers (without attempting to fit these rooms together), but it sure looks fine from my perspective. And even better if enlisted and junior officers had to double up per quarters (why would they need office space?).
Wanna take a stab at setting up some quarters on Deck 7 of my deck plans? That's the one big issue that's been holding me up (well, that and losing my computer in the eviction).

Just leave room for some rec facilities (gym, theatre, bowling alley ).
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