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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

430 people over about 20 decks comes to about 21 people per deck if you spread it out. That's not very many people over a 21 level ship of this size. Probably during an 8 hour shift (just guessing), 1/3 are sleeping, 1/3 are off duty, and 1/3 are working. The most of the non-com crew are probably double bunked (or more like in ST TUC), so that uses the space very effectively. Off duty people are congregating in large recreation spaces. There's more then enough room on this ship- look at the little bridge at the top of the ship- it has a 6 to 9 people at any given time. Put 5 people in four little rooms per deck, and that's your 20 per deck right there. 5 people don't take up that much room...

I'm running off on a tangent here. There's more then enough room- enough said.

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