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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

There are a few problems with going with that sketch.

-The Windows get really interesting on the engine hull. There are two rows on one deck, others in really wierd positions.

-Fitting 430 people in there?

-Saucer comes down to one deck thick at the rim, by the looks of it. Again, two rows of buried in the deck division.

I know Jefferies's ideas and what ended up on screen often conflicted. So, are you going purely on Jefferies and assuming 200 crew, etc, or are you doing a more series-based ship?

I've tried both ways. I just put the turbolift in the fricking back of the bridge, where it belonged on the Jefferies version. All the bridge 'gymnastics' started because the series conflicted with Jefferies's basic design theory once they started moving stuff around.
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