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Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Back in October when I was attempting to figure out what Jefferies' original plans for the Enterprise model might have looked like back in 1964, I started thinking about what the internal arrangement might have looked like. And after participating in a thread in the TOS section on the placement of engineering, I figured I would share what small amounts of progress I've made in this area.

I (like most trek fans) had seen these drawings for years, and I had dismissed the cross-section as having been drawn in a rush and assumed that the Joseph deck placement was actually correct. But when I compared this cross-section with Jefferies' Phase II cross-section (here) I realized that the Jefferies deck placements were actually well planned.

So in addition to the model construction plans, I also used additional Jefferies' information to apply deck heights and scaled the original set plans for a number of rooms to those drawings. These two images represent about as far as I got with my brainstorming before I put the project on hold last fall.

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