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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

aridas sofia said:
Cary L. Brown said:
...I think it's more debatable than some of you guys do... it really really looks like the back of the 1701(r)... in form and in size... more than it does like any nacelle detail I've ever seen (including the one seen here). But as I've said... we'll all know soon enough, won't we?
You make a good point here. Perhaps the comparison worth making is not to a photo of the aft secondary hull of a 1701 model, but rather to a photo of the aft secondary hull of a 1701 refit model.

Though I think it's a nacelle, the lack of any radiating screen on the intercoolers makes them look like... well, to quote somebody, wings.
I don't post here much anymore, but this comment made me think (dangerous, I know...).

We've been hearing for some time that this film may involve time travel and/or alternate universes. And we've probably all noticed the distinct similarities between the teaser Enterprise and the E-refit. So my (dangerous) thought is, what if the Enterprise we see in the teaser actually is the refit?

I know it doesn't make a whole lot of sense from a publicity point of view, but it makes some twisted sort of sense in my head...
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