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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Cary L. Brown said:
Well, if you really want to do that, I'd be fine with it, but as a rule I'm not really a betting man, and I don't particularly encourage that with others (long story involving a family member who had a gambling problem).

I was really trying to make a little joke... ya know?

Still, I think it's more debatable than some of you guys do... it really really looks like the back of the 1701(r)... in form and in size... more than it does like any nacelle detail I've ever seen (including the one seen here). But as I've said... we'll all know soon enough, won't we?
Well if it was a real bet, you would have to pony up if I was right..but no matter, if that's against your principles, I'll let it go. Anything to get out of eating paper
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