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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Well, Arlo, I happen to agree with you. It's a nacelle, but I think the orientation is not quite right. In my opinion "we're" looking/positioned between what would be the intercoolers facing/looking aft. There appears, at least to me, what could be a small dude with a light standing off in the distance on top of what I think is the rear end of the nycelle. I've got a 22" model on my workbench right now and I sighted it last night. The proportions work out almost perfectly.

And, yes, Forbin, this is getting to be pointless. The finial VFX are likely to change quite a bit from some teaser trailer that was made very early on in production, quite possibly when most of the VFX shots were still nothing more than story board drawings and crude animatics.

I for one, just hopes that SOME model company out there gives us a decent, accurate, model to build of what ever the damn thing ends up looking like. Oh and, yes, Forbin, we'll be expecting several kitbashes from you....

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