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Re: The official welcome thread

Hello, I'm Liz. I've been a Star Trek fan since TOS was on the air on network television. I was five or six [you do the math ]. I liked all the series, except ENT. I *really* gave it a shot, though. I think my personal favorite is DS9, followed by TNG, TOS then VOY.

I went Luddite for about seven years (no computing, no Internet) -- just burned out. But I'm back!! And Trek is my great escape. I will see the movie, if Providence allows. But as I've stated elsewhere, if it's a reboot, I'm too old and curmudgeon-y (yes, I made that up) to adjust to a new crew for the "first five year mission." However, I wish Paramount, the franchise and the new crew well and much success.

To Captain Donovin: I will be keeping you in my thoughts.

----- "Second star to the left."
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