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Re: Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead

Here's Act IV, and it's not the naughty one. I'm sorry for the delay, but I was working out a way to make sure that when you clicked on Act V (the naughty one), it would present you with a choice.

Act IV:

Captain's Log
Stardate 43225.1

Since our arrival in Tristnor space, we appeared to be entangled in a conflict that could have repercussions on the Federation in the far future. The Tristnor have decided to eradicate us from their space by any means necessary, and I have an obligation to see this crew safely back to the Alpha Quadrant. Our involvement in this war was sealed the moment the Tristnor fired on this ship, and so we're forced to seek allies while deep in the Beta Quadrant.

To that end, I have ordered a course change to reach the Kasui fortress. Mister Saleb and Mister Belkis have been most helpful in instructing me in the culture of their people. I have no reason to doubt their sincerity in bringing our two peoples together to face a common enemy. I plan to make my appeal to their leader, Prime Barris.

---- Scene Change ----

"May I introduce the leader of the only Kasui fortress known to exist, Prime Barris," said Saleb, with his head bowed before the massive Kasui male. "Prime, I would like to present Starfleet Captain Krystine Leone, the commanding officer of the Federation starship Farragut."

Barris showed off his teeth as he inclined his head out of respect. His huge hands rose and opened toward her. "Your ship, and your title, are most impressive, Captain."

Leone reflected the gesture as Belkis instructed her. "Thank you, Prime Barris. The accomplishments of your people are even more impressive, when you consider the circumstances."

Barris accepted the compliment from her and seated himself at the head of the table, as was his right. Even sitting, he had presence within the room, and she knew he would be a formidable opponent for negotiating an agreement or alliance. She needed some insurance to make sure their talks went well. "Commander Elannis to the observation lounge."

When she entered, Leone gestured to her, "Prime Barris, this is my executive officer, Lieutenant Commander Ariel Elannis."

Ariel elected to wear the jumpsuit variation of the recent Starfleet uniform. No doubt, somewhere between the bridge and the observation lounge, she unzipped the front of it to expose the bare skin underneath. She drew near to Barris and bent over at the waist with a respectful bow. "A pleasure to meet you, Prime."

"I am comforted to know that a distant people would choose to entrust a fearsome warship such as the Farragut to two beautiful women," he said, never once taking his eyes away from Ariel's form. "Saleb and Belkis have done well during this operation, by bringing powerful allies to our cause, but even more for ensuring the company is most pleasant."

Belkis opened his mouth to warn the Prime, but Leone cut him off, "It is we who are honored to be here, Prime, in spite of the circumstances." She gave him a quick glance to assure him that she was not offended.

Ariel's voice dropped to husky levels, "Indeed, Captain. It's so nice to see a powerfully handsome man at the ends of the galaxy, fighting for the freedom of his people. It's a very romantic notion amongst our kind."

Barris blushed briefly, then composed himself.

Leone hid her smirk with a clearing of her throat. Ariel had him, for sure. "Prime, we are in need of a safe haven to make repairs to our ship. We intend to seek and locate the backup device Saleb mentioned, so that we may return home in a timely fashion."

"You wish our help to get home?"

Ariel pushed a little more. "It would most gracious of you to do so, Prime. And I... er, we would be exceedingly appreciative."

Belkis' jaw dropped. Saleb reached over to close his mouth, while keeping a watch upon the discussion.

The Prime did not answer immediately, but his eyes continued to drink Ariel in; moving up and down as she chose to stand near her captain instead of depriving him of her figure by hiding half of it behind the conference table. "Y-Yes, well, our facility is not fully equipped," he admitted. "It is a prize of war, and supplies are hard to come by."

Leone leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs at the knees. "What kind of supplies do you require?"

Belkis answered, "Food, mostly. As more and more refugees make for the fortress, our food supplies are replenished only when we go on a raid against the Tristnor supply lines."

While Belkis spoke, Barris enjoyed the close proximity of Ariel. He closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. "Our supplies are not so low, however, that we cannot invite our guests to share a meal with us."

"We can provide you with food, Prime. We have a device that converts energy into matter. Using our system, we could provide you with months of rations to feed your people," said Leone. "Therefore, you wouldn't have to risk sending them out to raid for supplies."

Barris' eyes glanced away from Ariel, as if noticing Leone for the first time. "Perhaps you would be so kind as to share the technology, instead? That would allow us the ability to feed ourselves forever."

Leone winced inwardly. It was one thing to meddle in a war, quite another to supply them with technology. "Prime, I am bound by Starfleet regulations preventing me with sharing technology with another culture."

Barris looked up at Ariel, as though he trusted her more.

Ariel nodded, almost pouting. "She's right. We can use our technology to help you, but we can't just hand it over. You understand, right?"

It was easy. "O-Of course, I understand. You have your obligations and I have mine. It would have been foolish of me not at least inquire."

"I understand," said Leone. "Where shall I deliver the rations to?"

"I will arrange for a skiff to start transferring them, immediately."

"Prime," said Saleb. "They have a device that uses teleportation to move objects... and people, without the need for skiffs."

"You have done well, Saleb and Belkis," rumbled Barris. He rose to his feet, and so did everyone else who was seated around the table. "Captain, you shall have my fortress' protection for as long as you need it. And we will ride into battle at your side. I will accept your gracious offer of food for my people, but if I may make a small request for myself?"

Ariel placed her hands behind her back and smiled as though she knew what was coming next.

"Before you do, Prime, I would like to assign Commander Elannis as our liaison. She can go with you to your fortress and help us coordinate operations from there." Leone said, snapping her fingers toward her friend.

"Aye, sir," Ariel replied, not taking her eyes off of the Prime.

"That is most kind of you, Captain," said Barris.

"My apologies for interrupting you, Prime. You had a personal request?" Leone waited patiently for his reply, but when none came, she said, "Prime?"

"What? Oh, yes. Never mind, Captain. I forgot what I was going to say."

Leone grinned. "If you should think of it, please don't hesitate to contact me."

Barris nodded quickly, and gestured toward the exit. "I will do that. Shall we, Commander?"

As the Prime and his men departed, she heard Ariel tell him, "You can call me Ariel."

Belkis shook his head. "I cannot believe what just happened here."

Saleb only said, "That was remarkable work."

"You may not get your first officer to return, Captain," warned Belkis.

"You underestimate Commaner Elannis, Mister Belkis. It is Prime Barris who will most likely want to join Starfleet, after she gets done with him," Leone chuckled.

---- Scene Change ----

Greg Aspinall could not believe his eyes as he watched Ariel and the huge Kasui man walk from the lounge to the turbolift. She was giggling like a schoolgirl while hanging off of the man's massive arm. Her jumpsuit zipper was pulled down enough to further his fantasies for weeks. He stared hard until they walked off the bridge, and even then, he could not help but stare at the doors when they closed.

"Holy Kolker," he breathed.

"No kidding," said Nieves from the center seat, unable to tear his eyes away from the scene.

"Sir?" said the helmsman with a sly grin.

"Uh, mind your station, Lieutenant!" snapped the tactical officer.

Greg quickly found his console very interesting.

The captain, Saleb, and Belkis arrived shortly after. Leone stepped down the ramp to the command center and relieved Nieves, who returned to tactical. "Helm, ahead slow and bring us into close proximity to the fortress."

"Aye, sir. We're not docking?"

"No. The fortress does not have a compatible docking airlock. Just hold position for close formation, and then set thrusters for station-keeping."

"Aye, sir."

Leone called, "Wilson?"

"Yes, Captain?"

"Commander Elannis will be residing aboard the fortress until our repairs are completed. You will stand in for her."

"Yes, sir," replied Nieves with a succinct nod.

"Your first task is to replicate four months of rations and transport them to the fortress."

"Yes, sir. Shall I maintain a transporter lock on Commander Elannis?"

"I don't think that's necessary," the captain said with a smirk. "I'm sure Ariel will comport herself as befits a Starfleet officer."


I will post the link to Act V shortly.

Thanks for reading,

-- ZC
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