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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

aridas sofia said:
Amazingly, I find myself in total agreement with Cary, Ptrope, Dennis and last but not least, CRA. I think within the last few posts is a real wealth of astute commentary on the past and future potential of the Trek "concept". If only it could break free of the need to appeal to a bigger and bigger audience with a bigger and bigger risk involved and a smaller and smaller window of creativity available due to "expected returns"... and instead be satisfied appealing to multiple smaller audiences. There is something about the "smallness" of the original Trek, and the risk taking that its small appeal demanded of those that needed to make a splash to survive, that is essential to its original charm.

I'm afraid getting back to anything like that is never, ever going to happen. At least not with a "Trek" label on it.
Not so long as it has the paramount label on it. No corporate suit would ever green light such a project. Something like that is almost the exclusive preview of the fans, like yourself and Mr Cawley, who are willing to continue that form of trek and have the skill to do it.
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