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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Exactly, Cary - I said this during the entire run of ENT. Given the chance, they remake the things that don't need to be remade or redefined, and insist upon using those things that they would do best to avoid. So many opportunities to do something new - and so much 'available space' in which to do it - and yet whenever someone wants to "create a new, fresh vision" of Star Trek, what's the first thing they do? Tell us more about the things we already know - and worse, they tell us we were wrong. And, I hate to say, even the new new vision from Abrams looks a lot like more of the same - "let's go back and retell the story of Kirk and Co., only tell it differently, because it's a 'new, fresh vision.'"

As someone has already posted, the only radical thing they could do at this point would be to stick with the original and tell a new story without changing the old ones. Oddly enough, not one 'visionary' has attempted this, except maybe James Cawley .
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