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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

I should probably clarify.
I don't think the demise of Enterprise is solely on the shoulders of fans. Of course it's not. the franchise in it's current incarnation had played out. There was and still is nothing more to do. But it seems to me, the constant campaigning against the show by some hardcore fans certainly didn't help. I watched every episode of it's run and yes, there were problems. The second season was pretty much horrible across the board. But I believe it was hitting it's stride by season 4. I do not think it should have continued tho. The current franchise needed to end. the universe had become so convoluted and there was so much established continuity that creating new adventures in that universe became problematic. It was then it became clear to me that a reboot of some kind was in order.
My hypothesis is that this movie will be a soft reboot, probably forming a divergent timeline, to explain the differences in the Big E and the universe itself. Everything we know will still have happened, but this frees up the universe to go in new directions with the same characters. It's risky for fans but could have mass appeal.
I have read that this "alternate timeline" Enterprise will be more of a warship. Perhaps Spock's trip back in time lands him in this alternate timeline and that's where the action takes place. We'll find out in December.
But as this topic is about the E, I should probably stop expressing my opinion about the "state of the franchise" and confine my thoughts to the new/old ship.
I was always partial to the more realistic refit E of the movies. Not that I hated the TOS E, I came up with that ship, but the movie E spoke to me more. So if this new ship looks more like that, I have no problem. If you've seen the corridors, that would have been harder to explain away, were it not for this divergent timeline theory. Yeha it looks like a Battlestar corridor, or as my friend said he expected Master Chief to walk around the corner. But that's not a bad thing.
Not all new Trek is good Trek, that much is certain. But if Abrams and co have accomplished nothing else, they have ignited the fire under the ass of the fanbase. That's never a bad thing.

I'll leave you with something my girlfriend, also a Trek fan like me said when I relayed to her this threads contents...
"for fans of something that is supposed to embody infinite diversity in infinite combinations, they sure are unwilling to accept anything new."

I thought it was profound and sorta true
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