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Re: The official welcome thread

OK I think I'm on two other welcome threads on here, but what the hell..I'm one of the oldest posters here, having visited in 1999 and finally became a member in Dec 1999. I don't really post as much as some of the other oldies, but my presence is still felt here and there. I'm currently employed at the same fortune 500 company (which shall remain nameless) that I've worked at for 10 years, I owned my own business during that time for about 2 years. I live in NJ, USA. I'm an Italian/American male, 6 feet tall, about 260 pounds. A picture of my lovely wife of almost 4 years or myself is usually on my avatar..I never really cared for playing "characters". And yes, that IS me. More info is available at the Myspace link provided. I'm a strength/bodybuilding, fan/participant. I'm a science fiction, science, and technology buff. I'm an avowed atheist. I listen to different music, but I listen mostly to some form of "electronica" as they seem to call it. I despise close-mindedness of any kind. I'll consider most "issues" that come my way before I decide yay or nay on them. I am excited about the new ST movie. I'm glad to see some new members joining.

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