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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Spaceman Spiff said:
^ Did you like it?
I did, as a stand-alone entity (some of the moments of TV sitcom feminism made me roll my eyes, but it's not too bad). It doesn't really capture the feel of the Universals; the first half reminds me more of the Doug Moench-Val Mayerik series in Monsters Unleashed back in the 70s (which I loved) and the second half is off the wall. Also, it's totally inconsistent with Shadow of Frankenstein, so obviously they're not interested in expanding the Universal universe. I'm not happy about all that, but it doesn't effect the quality of the novel, which is pretty high. And I did like the ending, but I'm interested in hearing your opinion when you read it.

Also, have you found Cinema Insomnia? This week's was pretty entertaining. The film was a cheap Godzilla knock-off, and when the protagonists head to the exotic island which is home to the titular monster, the "natives" are Japanese actors in blackface.
Unfortunately, it's not syndicated in my area. But that site looks like a treasure trove. I just need a block of time to dive into it, which will probably happen this weekend.
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