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Re: How long until TNG: Remastered?

I would like to see them fix the scale mistakes...when they showed a TOS movie ship (like the Oberth class) next to the 1701-D, and the ships were very close in size, where in reality, the 1701-D should DWARF TOS movie ships. Same for the Klingon BOP's.

To me, my mind just compensated and just perceived the 1701-D as smaller than it was supposed to be. (It did the same with those much bigger mind saw them a TOS-sized, and made the ship look smaller than it was to me.) I never go a real sense of the Galaxy class' scale. That ship is HUGE, and I never really got that sense. I got a better sense of BIG scale seeing the TMP ships on the big screen, because we got some stately, magestic close-ups.

Generations got the scale more correct (although, now that Oberth looks maybe slightly too small...?):

Of course, all those re-used Space stations and Spacedocks from the TOS movies didn't help either. I never liked how we were supposed to buy that Starfleet (and the Klingons) just built scaled up monster versions of exactly the same ships and stations. BS. Maybe some of those could be replaced with new designs - and maybe the reused maybe the Spacedock doors could be made bigger, or we could see a different. Bigger, mushroom dock, or just see the 1701-D dock on the outside as they were originally gonna do...
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