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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Spaceman Spiff said:
I've been meaning to ask if you get Cinema Insomnia with Mr. Lobo. I record it every week, and while some of the movies will test your stamina, the bits between segments are fun.

Since it airs on PBS, the commercials are usually old ones from the '50s-'80s, with random bits of pop culture junk here and there.
I'll have to check. I hope so. That looks fantastic!

Plus, c'mon, how many horror hosts do we have these days?
Funny you should ask. That's kind of a nostalgic interest of mine. We used to have the Ghoul here in Boston when I was a kid. But there are still a few out there. Check out these links:


Horror Hosts

And an on-line Horror Host:

Count Gore de Vol

I'm looking forward to it, just to see the between bits, and to see if I like the movie better without the stripping scenes.
Is that even possible?
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