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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Official Teaser Online

"A reboot would entail that crazy Borg-Superman with the gun who kills people. (ugh)"

Huh????? Y? A Superman reboot could just have Clark wearing a shirt and slacks instead of a thee-piece suit? Ever visit a the newsroom of a major metropolitan newspaper? None of the reporters wear suits. Hell, they can't afford them!

Nom for me a Star Trek reboot would be something like this, Matt Damon as Kirk, torturing himself to be best at everything, trying to gain the love of his dead parents, because deep down, he feels that they left him because they didn't love him, or because he wasn't as good as his brother Sam. This is the reason why he and Spock got along so well, because Spock deed down was still trying to work hgis b-racial thing. This is the reason why he was always trying to be more Vulcan than anyone else. McCoy being the most balanced, would be there to even the two of them out.

That would be a reboot! To bad Gary Sinese is to old (maybe) to play McCoy. On the other hand, senior level medical officer on a ship like the Enterprise could be about 40...
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