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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

Jan, I believe that earlier it was established that all you needed to provide to get Vol. 15 was the order numbers from each of the previous 14 orders.

Just confirmed it, as I found my original email from the Scripts Team. It said:

Easing the Proof-of-Purchase Requirement

We have eased the proof of purchase requirement to earn your free Volume 15.

The only information you will be asked to submit are your order numbers. In other words you are NOT required to state the unique identifier found on the backs of each volume, as previously stated.

You can always get an instant listing of all your order numbers by visiting and clicking on the "Where's My Order" button on the homepage. This button also gives you a history of all your order numbers.

REMEMBER: VOLUME 15 IS NOT FOR SALE. It will only go out FREE OF CHARGE to those who pick up the full 14 volume set.

And when we say free, we mean free. Even postage and handling will be covered (including international fans). All you have to do is mail in your proof of purchase that lists all your order number.

• Final production draft for "The Gathering."

• The infamous "Star Trek-reminiscent" lost draft of "Soul Hunter."

• The even MORE infamous practical joke script featuring G'Kar and Londo as lovers.

• Alternate draft of "And the Sky, Full of Stars."

• The Babylon 5 “Bible”.

• The memo from JMS to Warner Bros. describing the 5 year arc with Sinclair still present.

• Even more personal photos from JMS's private collection.
I presume that when Vol. 14 is sent out, they will include information on just HOW to get your order numbers to Cafe Press. It will either be then or perhaps when Vol. 15 is ready.
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