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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Captain Robert April said:
hutt359 said:
Tell me, should the uniforms be valor pullovers?
They've made some advancements in velour since the mid 60's, so why not? Stuff still looks damn good on camera.

Should the women be in one piece micro minis?
I'd like to see more variations, but sure. After all, that was the style during that period of Star Trek.

Should the sets still be made of cardboard?
The point is the design, not the materials used.

Should all the planet shots be done on a sound stage with paper mashay rocks and rubber vomit bat creatures???
We're not talking about the planet scenes, we're talking about an established design in an established period being wildly, and unnecessarily, altered. Do pay attention, 007.
If all that were happening, or does happen, I would be/ will be, inclined to agree with you, Captain.

I just don't see any evidence that all of that is happening yet.

I'm willing to wait until the movie comes out.

There's a good chance I hate Nemesis, and a ton of what has become of Star Trek since about Voyager's fourth season
every bit as much as you, Captain RA.

But at least I waited until I saw Nemesis before I hated it.

By the way, I didn't pay to see it. I borrowed the DVD from the Library.

I would have liked to have claimed to be clairvoyant or to have not seen it because of something I heard,

but in truth it was because in my city it seemed like it was in the theater a month or less before it was given the boot.

Ironically, I was walking up Royal Street here in New Orleans with it in my hand on the way to return it to the library
when I saw William Shatner trying to talk on his cell phone.

I'd like to say I said something witty like, "Save Trek from crap like this movie!!!"

but as it turned out I was too surprised by the rudeness of the people who stood less then 3 feet from the guy
who was clearly trying to avoid them hearing a personal conversation.

So I just walked on, commenting "Jeez, can't a starship captain make a phone call without you people breathing down his neck!"

I felt sorry for the guy. Then I remembered all the homes he owned, horses and ranch due to his popularity.

So feeling sorry for him passed after awhile. But I was still struck at how rude some fans can be.

The experience did remind and make me more angry at the time about Patrick Stewart's
blaming the fans for "not getting" what he thought was a fantastic movie.

As far as Patrick Stewart is concerned,
let him spend a few years signing autographs at Car Shows
for a living the way Shatner had to for years

- then come back and tell us Trek fans how stupid we are.
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