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Re: One or two-off novelists who should come back?

Locutus said:
Anyway, I still don't want Jeter writing Trek again. I'm sure he's a fine writer... just not for Trek.
I generally like Jeter's work. Hell, I liked The Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy, and I don't know of many Star Wars fans who do.

I thought his Blade Runner novels (of which I've only read the first two; I never got around to importing the third and it's probably long out of print) were merely adequate.

I liked Warped. I've often said that it's a phildickian pastiche, but the reality is that it only deals with phildickian ideas in a Trek setting. (If it were a true phildickian pastiche, Quark would have saved the universe, there would have been drug use, and there would have been at least one sex scene. Warped bats 0 for 3 on that score.)
I still always wanted to see what Asimov would have done with a Trek novel!
I seem to recall that David Alexander wrote in his Roddenberry biography that Roddenberry wanted Asimov to write a Trek novel in the 1970s. Looking at Asimov's career, that doesn't make any sort of sense as realistic possibility. He wrote The Gods Themselves and some novella-length work in the 1970s, but he didn't return to full-length novels until the 1980s, and at that point he discovered best-sellerdom in his own universes. Maybe Asimov could have been pursuaded in the 1970s, but I think it unlikely.
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