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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

The Bride of Frankenstein one kind of annoys me, just by being so short after over a year of delays. It's probably next on my reading list (I'm still savoring A Winter Haunting; Dan Simmons may be a new favorite), so we'll see how it goes.

I had to check and have a laugh at the two "Chapter 3"s. I think authors and editors are relying a bit too heavily on spell check these days.

I plan to read all of these Universal Monsters books, but the results have been fairly mixed. So far, I've read the Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolf Man novels.

As I said earlier in the thread, the Wolf Man one is a bit dull; not much happens in it. I'd only recommend it if you're a pretty die-hard Wolf Man fan. I couldn't not read it, but I won't be re-reading it at any point.

The Dracula one is well-written, but it's an odd little book. I won't get too into it, as I don't want to spoil anything for Robotpo, but it's almost more a sequel to Stoker's novel than to the film, even though some of the names and such ("Lucy Weston") imply otherwise.

The Shadow of Frankenstein is the first one I read, and I enjoyed it the most, so far. Stefan Petrucha gets the voices of the characters right; you can easily imagine Colin Clive delivering his lines, for example. It also features Jack the Ripper coming out of retirement and encountering the characters, which is fun. It's got some surprisingly dark and brutal moments, which might take you out of the "Universal-verse" here and there, but it's a good read. It's also got the best ending of these three books.
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