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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Ptrope said:
Starship Polaris said:
It's also true that the fact that two very different productions - Abrams' film and "Enterprise" - have made similar choices in several regards is in large part because the alternatives are not reasonable.
This isn't true at all. Just because they came to the same trendy conclusions doesn't mean they bothered to explore the alternatives. Let's face it, Hollywood is filled with ex-waiter/ex-ecutives who latch onto what has been successful for someone else, and then insist that everything else should follow that formula. What I really don't understand is these same people's tendencies to option a well-known property, presumably because that property is recognized as having proven successful elsewhere, and then proceed to strip out the very things that set it apart from the rest of the chaff. In this case, how does making Star Trek resemble every other recent sci-fi production, including a number of Trek movies that weren't exactly blockbusters, constitute 'visionary' or 'radical' thinking? Bigger and busier aren't, by definition, better. And again, we come down to this: the 'unwashed masses" wouldn't know the difference between a reimagined Enterprise and a one like Vektor's, which maintains both the form and spirit of the original in a package that would be both classic and acceptable to those same 'unwashed masses' used to the high-tech style of recent films, and at the same time, his design clearly strikes a chord with a good representative sample of hardcore fans. Both sides win!

I don't really see that this math is all that hard to follow.
From what I've seen of this Enterprise, it really only confirms my expectations that Abrams simply does not have the creative wherewithal to make me excited about this movie. Using the original design would have, ironically, shown some creativity and originality on his part. And honestly, that might have been cool but I wouldn't have expected that from anyone. There are simply too many people who would not have accepted it. On the other hand, I personally really would not have cared if they hadn't used the original design if they'd actually come up with something that was at least a little new and artistically interesting. Aping current trends simply doesn't cut it.. for me, anyway.

I think a lot of people are going to like this movie because it's going to bring Star Trek back from c-list to b-list but that's just not enough to truly make me excited. I'll watch it and probably even have fun doing it, but at the end of the day I imagine it'll still be a big giant shrug.
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