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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Ptrope said:
Let's face it, Hollywood is filled with ex-waiter/ex-ecutives who latch onto what has been successful for someone else, and then insist that everything else should follow that formula.
I don't think that's relevant to any decisions made by talented people like Abrams and his design staff. Calling people "ex-waiters" is just dismissive rhetoric.

Leonard Nimoy is, among other things, an ex-vacuum cleaner salesman; Hemingway an ex-hobo and Einstein an ex-patent clerk.

In fact, the studio executives and producers both at the time of "Enterprise" and the entirely new groups running things now understood that there is no commercial future in pandering to the "hard core fans," which is what I was referencing in the Vance/Vektor exchange. This is smart.

If they somehow picked that common sense up in the course of waiting tables somewhere - well, actually, that's not terribly surprising when one thinks of it; a lot of bright kids pay their way through school and travel by that method.
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