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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

Ptrope said:
I guarantee that if this ship, shot properly, had been in the teaser, not one single chuckle would have been heard. In fact, I guarantee the theater would've been filled with the sound of startled wonder and not a few gasps of pleased astonishment. The "unwashed masses" wouldn't know the difference between Vektor's design and the teaser version, and the Trek fans would've shed a tear or two at how good she stands up on the grand scale with very little relative change.
Apparently I have not kept myself up to date with Vektor's current projects. That ship is gorgeous! I would love to see this version of the gray lady on the big screen.

However, as previously posted on this board (or perhaps another), I fully expected to see Matt's base design shape to be retained and that's all as the surface details would be dramatically modified. That's basically what we have now. I didn't expect such a drastic change to the nacelles, that caught me off guard when I viewed the teaser.

I'm somewhat a purist at heart but with an open mind. I would like to see the entire vessel (not going to happen soon) but I accept what I have seen so far. I'm ok with it.
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