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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

The real problem with Bermanian TREK, as it evolved since the late 1980's, was creative. They just didn't put out stories of a quality level that made the shows compelling enough to sustain them long-term. I'm surprised Berman & Co. lasted as long as they did. If ENTERPRISE had started out with "First Flight" as their pilot episode, (excellent story) and progressed from there with quality stories in the like vein, the show probably could've stayed on the air to this day.

On to a different sub-topic in this thread:

I do not believe the image depicts a ship being constructed "on the ground" as some have speculated. It looks to me to be in the shadows of an orbital drydock, with the Earth directly astern of the under-construction ship. The vapors look to be put in there for dramatic effect, to make it look like the Big E is emerging from the mists of time, or whatever.
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