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Re: One or two-off novelists who should come back?

Steve Roby said:
Locutus said:
I hope K.W. Jeter is never given the chance to so much as put together two Star Trek related syllables after his astounding tome "DS9 Warped." The thing killed major DS9 stories until the relaunch.
What does "major DS9 stories" mean? It didn't stop the Millennium trilogy, which was major. If you mean it was the only hardcover DS9 book for a long time, well, that's true. It's also true that for a few years the DS9 books were the lowest-selling Star Trek books, and it's entirely possible that any DS9 hardcover released when Warped was published would have sold as poorly as Warped apparently did.

Oh, and for what it's worth, some of us liked Warped. That Warped could generate so much hatred in a universe in which Station Rage exists baffles me.
By major DS9 novels, I meant the larger projects that Pocket at the time liked to put into Hardcover books. The next big project WAS Millenium, which I sometimes forget is not part of the relaunch. I'm sorry that I misspoke there.

Everything I saw, though suggested that the poor results from "Warped" is one of the things that prevented DS9 event novels for quite some time--- until Millenium and A Stitch in Time.

For the record, I didn't like Warped because so many things were so hideously out of character. Now, I can no longer remember exactly what it was that was so out of character, as I've never reread it, and I tried really hard to forget that I HAD read it!

I seem to recall reading Station Rage and not hating it... but it really doesn't hold a place in my mind like Warped did. And then, there's the novel who's title I've forgotten that seemed to have a chapter break every other paragraph it seemed. I think it had a plot about gambling, but I just really don't remember it any more. So, yeah, there are some books that I don't like more than others, but by FAAAAAAAR the majority of novels that I have read I have enjoyed. (Even most of the Shatnerverse.)

Anyway, I still don't want Jeter writing Trek again. I'm sure he's a fine writer... just not for Trek.

I still always wanted to see what Asimov would have done with a Trek novel!
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