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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

hutt359 said:
Tell me, should the uniforms be valor pullovers? Should the women be in one piece micro minis? Should the sets still be made of cardboard? Should all the planet shots be done on a sound stage with paper mashay rocks and rubber vomit bat creatures???

Look to the future, stop living in the past.
Gee, I seem to remember seeing plenty of shot-in-outdoors TOS eps, WHEN THEY HAD THE BUDGET TO DO IT.

By way of comparison on the features, when you'd think they had the money to shoot on location for Vulcan and Genesis, they wimped out and did it on the soundstage, ostensibly for control. In fact, I've seen papier mache (note the spelling) rocks in pretty much every trek movie that had a cave location.

As for skirts, I'm pretty sure this is in the era that predated the minis, since they didn't have the in WHERE NO MAN and the only mini in CAGE was some kind of off-duty wear.

You might want to review the actual SERIES and/or movies before making sweeping and incorrect comments about them. Or are you so busy looking to the future that you can't see the past (and perhaps will be condemned to repeat it at some point?)
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