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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

"Should the women be in one piece micro minis?'

"I'd like to see more variations, but sure. After all, that was the style during that period of Star Trek."

Do women in the military, and NASA wear micro minis?

Rmember, The Cage, and Where No Man Has Gone Before had female Starfleet officers...wear...P A N T S tm!

So, in Star Trek XI female Starfleet Officers must wear...
P A N T S tm!

"Fans who grew up after the Cold War will never know the pleasure of school house drills where you ducked under your desk in a pretend nuclear attack drill.

We all knew that if the real thing ever came we might as well kiss our asses goodbye while we were ducking and putting our heads between our legs.

Well into the late '70's early '80's there was always that chance that someone would screw up and a small confrontation or accident lead to nuclear war."

Let's see 9/11, plastic wrapping, and duck taping will save us! tm.

Kids today have no idea tm.

:roll eyes:

"So great it was canceled with even worse ratings at the end than "Enterprise" and largely became a self-parody and embarrassment to the entire sci-fi genre? You mean that NuBSG?"

Let's see Razor, and a Season 4.

I don't see a Cancelled tm here.

Failure means its not camp. It's not made like it was in 1966.

Star Trek must appeal to the hardcore fans.

Remember how successful Nemesis and Enterprise were?

Oh, right....Enterprise was Cancelled tm.

Its 2008

Long live Star Trek!

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