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Re: Enterprise Pic

JBElliott said:
EliyahuQeoni said:
I'm still bit baffled that people are getting so hung up on welders in the trailer. Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees...
It's not the welding per se, it's what the welding represents. That is welding represents a 20th and 21rst century level of technology while the movie is set in the 23rd century where things like welding would be antique at best. Welding shows a lack of imagination and a reliance on what's been done so many times before. The same goes for the "aztecking" or panelled look. It's old had and makes the ships look more like something our of the present and less like something out of the future.
Okay, the BolianAdmiral was bound to post in this thread, but bear with me... what I am going to say is N O T a put-down of the trailer... it is an explanation of my feelings towards it, and why I feel that way.

Firstly, regarding the welding... welding DOES exist... even up to the time of ships such as the 1701-D and the Voyager... the ST:TNG Technical Manual refers to an updated form of welding, called "gamma-welding"... so there CAN be welders in a Trek construction yard.

Now for my general thoughts on this whole thing...

The ship being built on ground... 75% of me hates it... 25% of me loves it... allow me to explain...

Why I hate it... I hate it from a logistical standpoint. There is NO reason for the 1701 to be built on land, when ships even OLDER that it were built in orbit... the NX-01, and that "Venture Star"-looking ship in the opening credits of ENT. Why would a ship MORE advanced, need to be built on a surface? Even IF it were feasable to build a ship as massive as a Constitution-Class on land... with Trek's technology... why would you? All you would be doing, is assembling major components, only to have to devote (waste) even MORE time, manpower, and energy (and cost), to then transport all those massive components into space... expenditures that would have been totally avoided, by building the whole shebang in orbit from the get-go. That's what bothered me most about this whole trailer... the shot of the saucer under construction, on its platform, as part of one of the pylons is also visible... that shot reminded me of the Jupiter II, from "Lost In Space"... and the LIS universe has less advanced tech than TOS Star Trek. The last thing I don't like about the scene, is the look... I LIKE the fact that they are making it so realistic... THAT element I do like... very much... but it is clear they are going for a darker feel, more in line with the new BSG kind of look. If Trek has shown us anything, it's that TOS was light, colorful, and "happy", for lack of a better term. Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Scotty all joked around with each other, and were genuine friends... I hope they keep that element, and don't make this a dark and moody film... that is not at all what TOS was.

I absolutely hate the corridors... just hate them. That's all I'll say on that.

The design of the ship itself... all I'll say is I saw this coming from the very first moment I laid eyes on Gabe's Enterprise... so I was in no way surprised. Again, this is all I'll say on that.

Okay... now what I DO like about the ship being built on Earth...

One phrase... the imagination of a child. I'll explain. As Trekkers, we have all at one point wondered with the innocence of a child, just what it would be like, if the Earth governments of today were to band together, and jointly build a starship Enterprise, with what we have. I am convinced this trailer is what such an endeavor would look like... so on that merit... I REALLY like it a whole lot.

Just my two cents.
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