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Re: USA Today poll: 70% want Shatner back as Kirk

If 70% of the general public (mind you that is the stated target audience for this film)would prefer to have Shatner in it as Kirk (remember to vast majority of people only know Star Trek as Kirk + Spock plus some TNG thrown in)why not give them what they want?
I think you're giving this little Internet poll WAY too much credibility. It's just a poll that anyone online can vote on, tacked on for fun at the end of an Entertainment article. It's scarcely a reliable indicator of what the "general audience" really wants. For that you would need to use more scientific polling methods, not something as sketchy as this. Hell, I could log on another computer and vote on it again if I were so inclined.

Edited to add: Looks like the poll is at 66% now. Maybe you should change your title?
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