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Re: The OFFICIAL new Enterprise - Let the critiques begin!

ancient said:
Looks like this is more of a Batman-Begins style revision. They're keeping the core qualities but altering a lot of details.

Like making the ship twice as big. It might be just for the trailer, but if they wanted to do big interiors (like a hangar than fits in the hull without turning into a garage), it makes sense.
One of the set designers interviewed a few weeks ago remarked that the interiors would demonstrate that the Enterprise is a huge vessel in a way that they never did in the older versions - and also that "only the outside had to stay the same."

We're getting a clearer definition of "the same" now, and it may not include things like, oh, scale.

Not a window visible on the hull, of course. That would have helped with scale...which may be why there aren't any in the teaser.
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