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aridas sofia said:
The only thing the past shows us about the future is how dramatically different it will be. We do have nearly fully automatic kitchens. Robots that scrub the floors, microwaves that can prepare pre-packed meals in seconds, ovens that can refrigerate food, then use pre-programmed instructions to have your meal cooked and ready to eat when you get home, and refrigerators that have a link to a world wide web of information, including the means of having your groceries delivered to you based on electronic tagging that tells your refrigerator when you've used up your milk!.

The future? That will be unrecognizable. Arthur Clarke told me so.
This is really turning into a Promethean vs Luddite argument, and I don't think anything you or me or anybody else says is going to sway him (don't let that stop you from continuing, though, I love the way you write as much as I like the content.)
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